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What is Rainbow Sherbert?

Rainbow Sherbert is a hybrid strain with an incredible scent and taste many connoisseurs seek. It’s taste and smell have been compared to berry sherbet with hints of mint on the exhale. Effects are often of physical relaxation with creative inspiration and focusas reviewers note.

What does Rainbow Sherbert mean?

This strain’s name was derived from its delicious taste reminiscent of berry sherbert.

What are the THC levels of Rainbow Sherbert?

THC levels of this strain range from the low teens to mid-20’s.  

What does Rainbow Sherbert smell like?


As the name suggests, Rainbow Sherbert’s smell is sweet and sugary, with fruity notes that might remind you of sherbert.

What does Rainbow Sherbert taste like?

The taste of Rainbow Sherbert is similar to its scent, being sugary and fruity though with a bit of mint on the exhale.

What does Rainbow Sherbert look like?

The dense, round nugs of Rainbow Sherbert are a deep green in color with small hues of blues found throughout.

What does Rainbow Sherbert’s effects feel like?

Fans of Rainbow Sherbert have said they’ve enjoyed how it created a cerebral uplift that left them inspired, focused and creative. As the high of Rainbow Sherbert kicked in, some users reported a relaxed sense of euphoria that quickly turned into a heavy body stone. Consumers describe Rainbows Sherbert’s potential ability to ease symptoms of chronic pain, muscle tension, anxiety and nausea.  

Where does Rainbow Sherbert come from?

Rainbow Sherbert is the result of crossing Champagne Kush with Blackberry.

Buy Rainbow Sherbet. Cannabis (weed strain) (also spelled Sherbert) is a combination of Champagne.

and Blackberry bred by the team at Apothecary Genetics.

The cultivar is named for its notes of berries and herbs as well as the buzzy bubbly mood.

It reportedly provides on consumption.

Online sources describe the strain as relatively potent with THC levels of 20-22%.


Top reported effects of RAINBOW SHERBERT

  • Focused

  • Relaxed

  • Sleepy

Top reported flavors of this strain

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